Photo © 2009 Peter Gannushkin



Spastic jazz-inflicted art-rock
James Ilgenfritz  – electric bass
Eyal Maoz – guitar
Lukas Ligeti, drums, glockenspiel






Steve Dalachinsky

The Anagram Ensemble

Anagram is the primary vehicle for Ilgenfritz’s compositional output, which has morphed from standard two-horns quartet to an avant-opera big band for Ilgenfritz’ opera The Ticket That Exploded, now on to a medium-sized chamber ensemble premiering ‘Deleted Scenes’ in April 2014.  Featuring Pauline Kim Harris, Conrad Harris – violins // Megan Schubert, Jeff Gavett – voices // Brian Chase, Kevin Norton – percussion // James More, James Ilgenfritz – guitar, bass.




A true subversion of the standard jazz quartet.  A complete reimagining of the rhythm section, with texture given primacy over rhythm and harmony, while still facilitating deeply melodic solos and counterpoint.

Angelika Niescier – alto saxophone
Denman Maroney – piano
James Ilgenfritz – bass
Andrew Drury – drums









James Ilgenfritz Solo

A distinctive perspective on solo notated music incorporating James’s unusual improvisational vocabulary. Music by Anthony Braxton, Annie Gosfield, JG Thirlwell, Duane Pitre, Kevin Norton, Charlie Waters, and many more.










James Ilgenfritz Quartet

Jazz quartet music from the heart. Dan Blake – soprano saxophone // Philip White – electronics // James Ilgenfritz – bass // Kevin Shea – drums








Photo © 2009 Scott Friedlander




A cinematic labyrinth of urban, rural, and foreign intrigue, Urbana’s cinematic approach speaks of travels, collected souvenirs, shared stories, and uncommon backgrounds.

Bryan Pardo (alto sax, clarinet, composer)
Frantz LORIOT (viola)
Evan Mazunik (keyboardist/composer)
James Ilgenfritz (acoustic bassist/composer)
John O’Brien (percussionist/composer)








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