Anagram Ensemble: “I Kiss The So-Called Dawn”, by James Ilgenfritz
From The Travel Agency Is On Fire

James Ilgenfritz plays the music of Anthony Braxton: Dither Extravaganza 2014

James Ilgenfritz plays the music of Anthony Braxton: Wounded Galaxies Fest, 2015

James Ilgenfritz Solo: Lawrence Art Center, Lawrence Kansas 2014

James Ilgenfritz Live at The Stone April 10 2014

James Ilgenfritz’s The Curators: Live at Freddy’s Back Room

James Ilgenfriz’s The Ticket That Exploded: An Ongoing Opera

Jon Rose / James Ilgenfritz / Jeffrey Zeigler @ The Stone

James Ilgenfritz / Steve Swell / Gino Robair

MiND GAMeS (Denman Maroney James Ilgenfritz Angelika Niescier Andrew Drury) play Niescier’s ‘Warum Bist Du Gekommen?’

Jason Robinson Janus Ensemble (Ches Smith George Schuller James Ilgenfritz Marcus Rojas Bill Lowe Liberty Ellman Dave Ballou JD Parran Doug Yates)

Dell Wells feat. Bridget Barkan

Jonah Rosenberg Trio (w/ James Ilgenfritz, Kevin Shea)

KNOT (Jin Hi Kim, Richard Carrick, David Wallace, James Ilgenfritz)

James Ilgenfritz / Al Margolis Duo at IONE’s 14th Annual Dream Fetsival @  Deep Listening Space, Oct 2011:

James Ilgenfritz solo concert at the home of William S Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas June 2011:


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