Everything Starts With An Accident

By this time tomorrow the parasaggital meningioma resting behind my skull will have been removed.  I am scheduled for operation tomorrow at noon, and I am working right now to make sure that I am properly prepared mentally, physically, spiritually, and otherwise.


I’ve been asking myself how best to prepare for something like this, and I’ve  been eager to start sharing thoughts here.  With no clear idea where to start, I turned to these images.  I have so much to say about these images and this topic, but for the moment I want to let the visuals speak for themselves.

Posts to this blog will start coming regularly tomorrow, mostly for the sake of keeping folks updated on my status, though ultimately I am finding I have a lot of other thoughts and images (visual and otherwise) that I am looking forward to sharing.


Thank you for your time, your attention, your support.


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