Video footage from The Ticket That Exploded

Multimedia artist Jason Ponce and I are working to create a DVD of our 2011 collaboration The Ticket That Exploded: An Ongoing Opera. We spent a number of days at the end of 2012 editing this footage–  a first draft of what will be the opening 10 minutes of a DVD that is around 50-60 minutes total.

Premiered at Issue Project Room while I was Artist in Resident in 2011,  and based on William S. Burrloughs’ 1962 novel of the same name, The Ticket That Exploded takes all its text directly from the novel. I wrote the libretto and composed the music, which was then exquisitely interpreted by some of the greatest musicians in the New York area. Jason Ponce collected a massive array of bizarre visual materials and innovative digital processing programs to perform the visual component of this work live onstage at the premiere.

This video assembles excerpts of live performance footage with Jason Ponce’s direct video art.  We hope that you can enjoy this material while work is being completed on the full DVD release of this opera, which is due in 2014.

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